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What is TelFarm?

The Telfarm system of farm financial record keeping is a program available from MSU Extension's Farm Information Resources Management (FIRM) Team. It is an educational and service program designed to assist farmers with their farm financial records and decision making. The program has its roots with the MSU Farm Records program which began in 1928, and evolved into a mail-in computer records program by the mid 1950s. Telfarm introduced Microtel® agricultural financial software programs in 1983 and added the use of the FINAN® Program for farm business analysis in 1996. In 2002 Telfarm introduced Telfarm for Windows Accountant® software. In 2005 Telfarm began cooperating with Peninsula Software of Virginia for its Pensoft Payroll Plus® program for windows. Beginning in 2014 Pc Mars became available as the new accounting software.

What can TelFarm do for my business?

In partnership with the FIRM Area of Expertise (AoE) Team on campus, District Farm Management Educators and field Extension Educators, Telfarm is an important tool for financial management for farm business and a real-life data information source for research and education.
Telfarm is designed to keep YOU, the farm business owner, in control of your business finances by working with you every step of the way to ensure you have complete, accurate records to use in making relevant decisions for your business.

What kind of services does TelFarm provide?

Besides developing, distributing, and supporting software for agricultural businesses, the Telfarm Center receives data from clients and processes that data into computerized monthly reports for accounting information. The Center also provides Tentative and Year-End Depreciation Schedules and Tax Information Packages for your business with information you send to the Telfarm Center.

The Telfarm system of farm record keeping is a program that:

  • Cooperates with the MSU Extension's Farm Information Resources Management (FIRM) team.
  • Keeps the farm business owner, in control of their own business finances.
  • Provides levels of campus support that best suits the individual farm business's needs.
  • Includes a yearly Check In service with the the farm business's own District Farm Management Educator.
  • Supports and provides business analysis and year-end tax planning strategies.

Is TelFarm available in my county?

Yes! Over 300 farm businesses in all counties throughout Michigan use Telfarm. Most of those clients use software programs, and over 50 use a handwritten mail-in system sent to campus for processing computerized reports.

What kind of farm businesses can use TelFarm?

Most any type of agricultural production business can benefit from the Telfarm system: fruit tree, livestock, cash crop, dairy, vegetable, greenhouse, and many others. The programs can be customized to suit YOUR particular business.

The FIRM Team's Mission Statement:

To assist farmers, agriculturally-related businesses, industries, families and individuals to improve their lives and achieve their goals through an educational process that applies management, production, and economic knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities.

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